DIY Natural Rose Perfume

water mixture

Those who have an amazing sense of scent and proper resources, always try to make perfumes all by themselves. You can make DIY Natural Rose Perfume at your home too. However, you need some elements like 6 cups of rose petals, essential oil ( 10 drops), 3 spoons of alcohol, glycerin 4 drops, and a cloth filter. Arrange these and Make Rose Petal Perfume by following these steps.

  1. Rose PetalTake a bowl of water, approximately 1 liter. Add some petals of roses on it and boil for 2 hours constantly. Make sure the heat is not too high. High heat can destroy the essence of petals.
  2. After heating it properly, give it some time in the open air when the fire is off. Now put the filter cloth attached to the mouth of the bowl. Use it as a sink of the heat petal water. Filter cloth needs to be squeezed properly. Let all the water and pet ingredients be extracted from the cloth to the sink. Now, this sink will be used as the main component of the forming process.
  3. It’s time for it to release heat from the water mixture. Put it at room temperature for one hour to release all the heat.
  4. Now it’s time to separate the water into two halves. Now add 3 spoons of alcohol and some drops of glycerin to the liquid mixture. At the end add some drops of essential rose oil too.
  5. Now verify the smell. Your rose Perfume is already produced. Take the smells, what you are lacking, add accordingly.

These are some easy steps of how to Make Rose Perfume at Home. Add a cap at the top of the bottle or your essence and effort will be vaporized in the air.