Our Vision

I’ve always loved makeup, beauty, and fashion! I could never get enough of it, and because of this, I would always try to create my own beauty, as the more I had, the better. This passion or creative hunger as my mom would call it has turned me into the D.I.Y. beauty guru I am today.

My joy for reinventing things started as a kid in the late 80’s when I tried out tricks like placing drops of glue on a window sill, waiting for them to harden so I could reform to make fake nails. In the late ’90s, I mixed foundation with alcohol & baby oil to create a one-time self-tanner spray for my legs, which didn’t appear orange like those that were the top brands of the day. Oh, in the early ’00s, I would purchase hair that was meant to be weaved in with other hair to make hair extensions. Instead of weaving the hair in, I placed hair barrettes on the hair wefts and clasped it in my tresses, making my own extensions. Today, this is what is sold as clip-in hair.

Looking back, these ideas or Joob Joob Cupcakes, as I call them, were inventive and well before their time, where years later, others with similar thoughts created and sold. If only I had put my ideas out there! Well, no sense crying over what could have been because I’m doing it now. Every day, I am always trying to create or find new alternatives for things, which I don’t have access to at the time or couldn’t figure out what some would say, “the right way to do it.” So I’ve mastered new ways, to get the same look, or a better look, than the original. Resulting in my giving a beauty guide to all things BEAUTYful…by me, for you.

My approach to BEAUTY:  I’ve always felt that everyone has their own definition of beauty, and there should be no shame about this! We CAN ALL be BEAUTYful & Smart, so don’t be afraid to show your true self!

So whether you’re a guru or a novice hoping to obtain some pointers, I hope you enjoy my ideas! Always feel free to share the love by visiting my social sites, website, and don’t forget to sign up for my Joob Joob Cupcakes’s Beauty Club, where you can get beautylicious pointers right to your inbox, every month!

Lastly, if you have any questions, comments or ideas feel free to send me an email at… [email protected]