Paraffin Wax Treatments to Skin

apply wax

For those who are concerned about their skin, Moisturizing Paraffin Bath to Skin is important to ant them. Probably, you have made a daily routine to go to the spa and invest lots of money for yourself. It’s good however when you can do it at your home, all by yourself then why go to the spa? Let’s see how to do Paraffin Wax Treatments to Skin. Let’s see how it is being done.

  1. Prepare The Wax

Wax is the main component as you know. You need to make it warm to form it liquid. Place the wax in a bowl and simply place it on a stove. Make sure you don’t apply too much heat to the wax. After warming it, place it in the air for quite some time, making sure it reaches 51⁰C. It’s best for the skin.

  1. Apply on Skin

When the wax is ready, before adding it to the skin, pour your skin with olive oil. Hand foot and all over the places where you need to apply wax, place it carefully. Now apply wax to your body. Give it some time to dry up. At once it will dry up, you’ll understand by sensation. Make sure you apply this procedure for 10 layers.

  1. nourishment for skinsPacked Up Your Hands and Feet

After adding ten layers, wrap your hand and feet with a soft towel. It is time for it to absorb your skin. If possible, put your hand and feet in a warm place like a light stove.

  1. Remove Wax

Put it for 15 to 20 minutes. You need to give it time to dry up completely. Now remove Wax gently. Apply Moisturizer all over your body.

There are countless Paraffin Benefits for Hands and feet. You’ll get proper nourishment for your skins.