Reasons Why Hair is Always Greasy

hair is oily

Greasy hairs are a symbol of healthy hair as healthy hair produces a certain amount of sebum according to which is natural oil. However, the oil even traps dirt in the scalp that causes greasy hair to suddenly fall down resulting in hair fall. Do you feel the same greasiness in your hair? Have you ever imagined why hair is so oily? If yes, then continue reading the post. Through this post, you will get to know the reasons behind this issue.

  • Overwashing your hairs – Washing your hair is a good habit to maintain healthy growth and avoid dirt in the scalps, but overwashing triggers the production of oil. As you wear your hair, the body starts reacting and sends the signal of loss of oil in the scalp, as a result, it stimulates the production of sebum.

Type of Hair

  • Products you use – Every product doesn’t have the properties to break sebum. If you apply conditioner to your hairs skipping the shampoos, you will end up developing a huge amount of oil in your scalps. It is not simple to observe the oils in your hair after a wash, but gradually you will notice your scalp getting greasy just after a couple of hours as only certain shampoos have the properties to break the natural oil in our scalps.
  • Genetics – You may have inherited those greasy hairs from your family tree. More often people observe that the trend of oily skin is passed by generations.
  • Type of Hair – People with curly hair don’t suffer much from oil problems. On the other side, straight hair persons are likely to suffer more of the greasy hair problem, as the oils have a direct pathway to the scalp.


Use essential oils – Essential oils are healthy types of oils for the hairs. If your roots will already have oils in them, your body won’t generate more. Meanwhile, essential oils have the property to break the oil in your scalp. It even cleans the pores that allow air interaction with the roots.

Stick to apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is capable of changing the pH of the scalp as a result, sebum cracks down. You just need to coalesce 8-10 teaspoons of ACV with lukewarm water and immerse your hairs into it. After 5 minutes, wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo.

Use Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is great to promote the circulation of blood around your scalp. So, these are the reasons’ hair is oily.