Hairstyle Ideas for Wedding Guests

People often get stuck with hairstyle ideas while going to a wedding. Net is flooded with hairstyle ideas for brides but hairstyle ideas for wedding guests are few. If you are going to attend a wedding and are stuck with the hairstyle ideas, go through the article and you will find easy hairstyles for wedding guests.

hairstyle ideasFrench braid – Start off by creating a middle partition now take a one-inch section from one side and divide it into two equal halves. After that twist them away from each other then start twisting them together now every time. Once you are done with the twisting incorporate a very small hairpiece from a hairline with the following twist. Then twist the strands together and add a hairpiece, twist once more, and just repeat the same process with another braid. Once there are no more hairpieces left on your hairline just start twisting those strands together to create a rope braid. After that secure it with tick-tack pins.

Repeat the same process on the opposite side. Take both the breeds add back and grab them together, secure them with the help of a clear elastic band and then remove any hair clip you have in your hair. Now flip this ponytail on the opposite side and it’s gonna make sure the ponytail is staying in place. You are done!

Puff braid – Part your hair sidewise then take a one-inch section from one side and divide it into two equal halves and start knotting those strands together. Everybody knows how to tie a knot it’s not rocket science and make sure every knot is having at least a one-inch difference then keep on doing it until they are no more left on the strands and protect it with a  band. Now take a one-in section from the opposite side divided into two equal halves and tight it. You are done.